Dedicated to Innovating Public Transportation for Paratransit Riders.


Our Mission:

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CarrusAllies focuses on empowering organizations driven by complex systems to create favorable, efficient, effective and equitable services for user communities facing quality of life challenges. 

We get our customers and their ridership from "Here to There.... Better"



Professional Services for the Paratransit Industry

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For Public and Private Organizations charged with delivering favorable, efficient and equitable services for their communities, CarrusAllies offers diversified analytical systems expertise. We are allies to key stakeholders, using data driven analytics, trends and insights to develop actionable strategies. We enable key stakeholders with the knowledge they need to innovate forward thinking integration of technology and service improvements. We solve complex problems at the intersection of personal, local, national and global systems to improve ridership user experience and satisfaction levels.


Inspire responsible government and industry results and deliver a triple bottom-line return: social, environmental and financial.


Direct stakeholders towards optimizing services, products and business metrics and improving user experience


Improve the quality of lives for paratransit users by ensuring safe and reliable transportation that allows them to optimize their financial, societal and community contributions.


Reduce the environmental impact on communities by creating more efficient paratransit service.


“Transportation is Future Oriented. It is Important to Stay Ahead of the Curve.”


The CarrusAllies Story

CarrusAllies is founded by Cathy Matthews. Cathy spent her entire career solving complex issues for the development and acquisition of large systems for the U.S. Navy. CarrusAllies is the marriage of her professional talents and her personal passion. Cathy has a son who has used the paratransit system to live his life independently.

Cathy has met many individuals who rely solely on the paratransit system for all transportation needs: work, education, medical, social. When it goes right, there are no worries. When it goes wrong it jeopardizes their livelihood, their health, their sense of self and self-worth, and their ability to participate in social support systems. It limits possibilities and opportunities.

It is because of the challenges Cathy witnessed with the paratransit system that she decided to use her professional talents to help push the industry "ahead of the curve." and improve the lives of those who have a similar user experience and story of the riders she knew.

Upon founding CarrusAllies, Cathy brought on board two key partners: career long colleague, Dr. Carrie Root, and Fortune 500 innovator Betsy Callas.

Together, along with the highly experienced team of CarrusAllies consultants, they are solving the industry related challenges which impact the paratransit riders.

From here to there....better.